Eczema Healing Infused Oil

Eczema often shows up first in childhood, as young as just a few months old.  It could be mistaken as cradle cap- but eczema is much different. It leaves red blotchy patches on your babies beautiful skin.  These patches are dry and often itchy and painful.  Often times it will be present on a child’s cheeks.  This skin condition can come and go, but often stays present through adulthood.  Doctors will most likely prescribe hydrocortisone which could help because it is anti-inflammatory. 

Herbs are just as much medicine as lab created medicine such as hydrocortisone and easier on the bodies system and, in my opinion a natural healer is always better for a child (or adult) – Pediatric use of steroids like hydrocortisone have been shown to promote adverse affects on one’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system, possibly stunting growth.  

The salve that I am preparing is safe for children ages 6 months and older and is to be used to initially heal and then when there is a flare up. This salve can also be used to treat sunburn, or other burns, bug bites and to heal minor scrapes. 

The recipe is simple and uses these 4 herbs infused in a carrier oil. I used equal parts coconut oil and grapeseed oil. Once the infusion is complete, I will strain the infused oil and herbs through cheesecloth. To make it a salve, I will add beeswax. Children’s systems are sensitive, so I have decided not to add essential oils to this salve, but will for the adult version to give it extra healing power.  

Chamomile is a gentle flower/herb that holds many soothing and healing properties.  It is anti-inflammatory and a sedative, which is why it is usually thought of as a night time tea. Chamomile is an analgesic (pain reliever), antibacterial and anti fungal. 

Red Clover is highly effective as an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent.

Comfrey  is another herb that is anti inflammatory, anti fungal and antibacterial. It helps to regenerate skin cells so it helps with scarring as well as healing wounded skin tissue.  Long time use and ingestion on comfrey has been shown to cause liver damage. 

Marshmallow Root is anti-inflammatory  by nature, this is why it is often used for healing skin issues.  It is often found in recipes for diaper rash.  

This salve should be ready and in the shop in about a month.

I am not a medical professional and in no way am I in the position to provide the reader with medical advice. You NEVER want to ingest a salve. Use it topically only and for short periods of time; during skin irritation flare ups, when you have a fresh bug bite or small scrapes. Salves are not meant to be used on or heal gaping wounds!  Seek medical attention if this is the case!


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