Yarrow- (Achillea millefolium)

Leaf before flowering                                                 Flowering                                                         Dried leaf and flower

Last year I found a yarrow flower in my front yard flower bed. I never planted yarrow, but there it was. This spring, months after I began my herbal studies, I noticed the leaves within all of the grasses that grow there. How absolutely magnificent!  The area around it was weeded and now I have this beautiful yarrow plant.

Yarrow is a magical perennial medicinal plant. Yarrow grows everywhere, in the fields, in yards, road sides, and it like all types of soils, but will even survive in sandy soil. or near a sea view cliff. Yarrow is one of my favorite medicinal plants. The smell is intoxicating- sweet and herby.

One will gather the flowers and leaves of the yarrow plant when the flowers are completely open but not turning a brown color.  I dry the leaf and flower, but one can use the plant fresh for tincture after a bit of wilting.

Yarrow is a plant to go to in times of first aid needs. It has the power to stop bleeding.  You can chew up the leaves and put them into a wound to stop bleeding.  Yarrow is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory,  Once can drink  tea or take a bath in  the yarrow leaf and flower for ease of achy joints/muscles.

Yarrow can also thin blood, so if you are already on blood thinners,  consult your physican before using! And always use with care. It is also contraindicated for those who are pregnant.

Yarrow is also considered a bitter, so tincturing the whote plant can assist with digestion disorders.

Yarrow is one of the medicinal plants that is used infused in oil to make the healing balm that is sold in my shop! Because there are so many other healing plants in the healing balm it is safe for everyone to use. The healing balm also contains comfrey, plantain, echinacea root& leaf, chamomile, calendula and lavender. Look for posts on each of these wonderful plants in the coming weeks!


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