Black Drawing Salve

There was a bee struggling for it’s life in the pool today. I figured that I would cup my hand  with some water and fling it out of the pool. Well, I did that, but it stung me in the process. I haven’t been stung in a couple of years and it hurt.

I had just made this black drawing salve a few weeks ago and I decided to see if it worked. As you can see I put a bit on my finger, then I wrapped it in a paper towel and began to make my dinner.

Within just a few minutes of having my finger wrapped, the sting was gone!  Absolutely gone!!

The oils infused and the activated charcoal together provide the draw of the toxins and the healing/soothing aspects!  I will always have this in my bag!  If you want to as well, check out the shop and pick up some!

You want to make sure to wrap  whatever part you put the salve on because the activated charcoal STAINS!!!  Big Time!!  AND NO MATTER WHAT IT DOENS’T COME OUT!

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