Allergy Relief with Essential Oils


So summer is officially here. And I don’t know if you have noticed, but everything is in full bloom and there is pollen everywhere.   And of course, because it is summer, we are outdoors more; camping, hiking, going for bike rides and gardening.  And with all of that comes itch, watery eyes, sneezing, sinus pressure… The not so enjoyable side of summer and the beautiful abundance I see blooming around me. I haven’t found myself experiencing seasonal allergies here in Vermont as much as I have in the last couple of years.

For some reason, Roll-On’s are all the craze around here. Maybe because they are so fun to craft. I love the roll-on headache relief I have crafted as well as the roll-on perfumes and the after bug-bite roll-on.  So, I decided to craft an Allergy Relief Roll-On; Organic Sunflower Oil and Essential Oils that I purchased from AroMed of VT in Montpelier.  The allergy relief has 3 super powerful essential oils: Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.

Lavender helps to calm our nervous system, relieving tension and anxiety, It also helps to relieve pain, burning and itching. And on top of that, it is anti-bacterial. Lemon is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal. And peppermint has a super cooling effect on the body. It also acts as a natural, albeit temporary, decongestant and provides relief from colds and coughs. It opens our nasal passage and allows us to breathe better. It is also a key ingredient in the headache relief formula!!

This roll on will work well if you apply it to the bottoms of the feet, the nape of the neck, and on the temples. You can apply a bit to your cheeks or under your nose, but use caution until you know how your body reacts to the oils. Peppermint can cause unpleasant reactions to some parts of the body for some people. As I said, it is a powerful essential oil, and you NEVER want to apply it to your skin without diluting it in a carrier oil first. I have gotten peppermint oil in my eye in the past, and it is not a pleasant experience!  If that ever happens, put some milk into a small cup and let the milk go into your eye. It will take the sting out within a minute or two!

I wouldn’t use this on children under the age of 8. It is a strong blend and it could be too strong for younger kiddos!

In no way am I providing medical advice. I am just providing a natural solution( that may or may not work for you) that may help get through this allergy season. If you are in the Vergennes, Vermont area, stop on by the Farmers Market on Thursday afternoon’s from 3-6:30 and pick some up!