IMG_4137BATH BOMBS, otherwise known as Aromatic Bath Fizzies, are a fantastic way to take a little time for yourself and to hydrate & heal your skin!!

Baths help me to relax and I actually believe they promote deeper sleep.

This summer I solar infused neem leaf,lavender, chamomile and calendula flowers in grape seed oil. I decided to use it in a special bath bomb to add some medicinal benefits to the bath! And the result was so beautiful and skin nourishing I just had to share it!!

The herbal bath bombs (shown above) contain coconut oil in addition to the herbal infusion, as well as essential oils of sweet marjoram and rosemary and turmeric powder for added anti-inflammatory effects. Plus the turmeric powder gives it the bright yellow coloring!

Neem has the ability to heal cuts, burns, reduce scarring and is known to be naturally anti-inflammatory and really, an all around wound healer. Neem oil can be used as a natural bug repellent too! Calendula is anti-inflammatory as well, and it has properties that help to reduce pain, heals wounds and other ailments due to its anti fungal/anti-septic properties. Lavender is known for it’s ability to heal burns, to promote relaxation, to be anti-inflammatory so it can help with joint and muscle pain, and to reduce anxiety and depression. Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is a natural relaxant, helps with pain associated with wounds and arthritis, muscle spasms and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

These bath bombs are so good for your skin at any time, but especially if you’ve been working in the elements all day and your skin has taken a beating in the hot sun or wind. I think of my farmer friends as I write this! I also made this for those of us whose skin tends to be dry and scaly during the colder months of the year. Your skin will love you for choosing to indulge in some “me” time!

Other Bath BOMB “flavors” are : Cocoa and Mint, Lavender and Rose, Patchouli and Citrus,  Ylang Ylang and Citrus..

These are great to put in the tub with kiddos too. They will love to watch them fizz away! I only use natural ingredients, so never any fragrances, chemicals or synthetics like parabens or sulfates. Just all natural ingredients from trusted sources! If you are purchasing bath bombs for your kids, I can make them in a 2oz size and with minimal essential oils that are kid safe! Just ask!!

Check them out in the Shop! Your body and mind will thank you!

Be Well and Breathe in Wellness!


the power of essential oils


For the last several months, 6-9 perhaps, I have been developing a hard cyst on the inside of my right hand. It is where the top of the palm meets the middle finger joint. I have noticed it growing slowly. Over the last month or so, I began having pretty bad pains in that area, radiating out the top of my hand. At night, my hand would fall asleep, and that was quite painful as well.  I began wondering how much longer I would be able to endure this. I use my hands all the time, especially my right hand because I am right handed. And not only did this cause me pain, but my hand is weak and it has become hard for me to hold things tightly.

I began thinking that the only option was to have surgery. I have an appointment with my PCP this coming week, and I planned on talking to her about my options.

Then I got out of my worried mind, and thought about how I have so much belief in the power of herbs and essential oils. I know that there must be some natural product that I can make to heal myself.

I began looking through my essential oil materials and googling. Oregano essential oil. Thyme essential Oil. 2 drops oregano, 2 times the first day. And then 2 drops of thyme there after. I read a few blogs on how this helped people with ganglion cysts on the wrists, so I decided to give it a go. I didn’t have Thyme essential Oil, so I decided to google other essential oils that would be healing, and decided on frankincense essential oil.

Day 1- All of the blogs I read said that they put the drops of Oregano essential oil right on their skin. So I did that, and it began burning right away. So I rubbed the jojoba oil all over my hand and it stopped. I knew that I should only use essential oils on the skin in a carrier oil. The Oregano oil really dried out my skin right away too, so I put a homemade salve on it to remedy the situation.

I filled a 10ML roll-on bottle with Jojoba Oil and 6 drops of Organic Oregano essential oil and 5 drops Frankincense Oil (not pictured above).  Every couple of hours I would roll it over the spot on the top and palm of my hand where the cyst is. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that the cyst was HALF the size it was the day before. I am not kidding!! Half the size.

Day 3- The cyst continued to shrink, and the pain in my hand was no more. It also helped with the circulation in my hand because it wasn’t falling asleep nearly as much during the night!

After a few days, I stopped applying the oil as much, and it hasn’t begun to grow back. After 2 weeks, I began applying again to if it would shrink more, and it is. It still hurts when I press on it, but I believe that if I am consistent it might completely go away!!

It feels as though Oregano and Frankincense essential oils are somewhat of a miracle.  But this is the power of essential oils.

Not all essential oils are created equally, and this is why I am stuck on only purchasing Organic from Aura Cacia, Lunaroma, and Lauren Andrews at Aromed in Montpelier. I trust where these oils are sourced from and that they are of the highest quality.

I will share with everyone my incredible healing experience, and I hope you will too!

This is the site that I got my initial information. There’s a list of ailments on the site, and then when you click, it educates about the oils that could help and why. Everything from cholesterol to Cancer.

If you have a similar story, I hope that you will share it with us!


Dandelion Love

IMG_0001                    Dandelions are my new found love. I’ve heard of people eating dandelion green, so why did I never think that the flower was something to marvel at?  As kids we would rub the flower on our arms and faces to make our skin yellow. As adults, we often see them as a nuisance in our yards, a relentless weed.

Dandelion flowers, root and leaves are not only good to eat, but are healing to the body internal and external organs. Dandelion is considered one of the most invasive weeds, but I think it is the exact medicine that we all need. I think as kids we had the right idea of rubbing the flower on our body…

Dandelions have the power to relieve some of the most prevalent diseases, diabetes being one of them. They can help the liver, kidneys, urinary issues and anemia. They are also healing for inflammation and skin issues such as acne.

There are many articles I have read about dandelion flower infused oil being fantastic for breast health. Because of the flowers inflammatory and pain relieving properties, it is said that during pre-menstrual times. Use it as a massage oil after showering and before bed to soften breast tissue, to ease breast tenderness and to lift spirits.

On another note, Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs highlights dandelion, telling the reader that it holds inside of the leaf, root and flower, vitamins A,B, C and D, iron, potassium, calcium, insulin.

The root can be used as a tonic to aid in liver cleansing. This means that it great for helping with digestion and constipation. The root also aids in the production of bile in the gut/gallbladder, in turn breaking down cholesterol and fats.  Healthier gut means a healthier immune system!

Now is the perfect time to be harvesting dandelion leaves and flowers. Early spring, the leaves are better tasting, but still bitter. The roots are young now, so waiting a few months to harvest dandelion root in advised. It has also had time to soak up all the nutrients from the sun in the summer months! There are fields and fields of these beautiful flowers. If you are going to harvest them, just make sure it is an area that hasn’t been sprayed or used as a bathroom for your dog/cat.

Perhaps you have heard of Dandelion Coffee? I have tried it when I was trying to give up coffee. I thought it was pretty tasty. Not as tasty as coffee, but a good alternative.

Here is a recipe found in Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstar-

Dandelion Mocha

3Tbsp Roasted Dandelion Root                             1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1Tbsp Raw cacao nibs (or chocolate)                    A dash of nutmeg or clove powder

1/2 cup milk                                                               1Tbsp honey or maple syrup

1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

Decoct the roasted dandelion root and cacao nibs in 3 cups of water, letting the mixture simmer for 30 minutes.  Strain, then add the remaining ingredients, stir to combine, and reheat if necessary.

If you want to cut down on coffee, drink this in place of it.  If you want you can add a little coffee in this mixture for more of a caffeinated buzz effect.


Healing properties of food grade oils


I make certain of several points before I decide to purchase the oils that get used in the products I make.     1) It is certified non-GMO.  2) The oil is cold pressed and naturally refined or unrefined, 3) it is an oil that I would want to put onto or into my body. 4) and if possible, I use only Organic oils (Sunflower, Grapeseed & Coconut)

Choosing non-GMO products is important for obvious reasons. I want to know that I am providing both my body and yours the purest choices for your skin care. When an oil is cold pressed, that means that no heat is used to extract the oils from the product that is being used to get the oil out. It also means that most of the nutrients found in the herb or vegetable in the case of avocado oil, remains in the oil.

Below you will find a list of oils I use in my skin care products and why I use them.

Avocado Oil- I use Chosen Foods Avocado Oil. Their processing is so unique they are able to retain 80% of the beta-stisterol found in virgin avocado oil, as well as 60% of the vitamin E! Studies have shown that beta-sisterol can have an effect of immunity, inflammation and cancer prevention among other health benefits. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative but it also is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals, which damage cells and might contribute to cancer. Avocado oil that is unrefined is expensive and really hard to find. Refining is a way to deodorize the oil, and I believe that Chosen Foods does that without ruining the integrity of the oil.

Sunflower Oil- Sunflower oil has many medicinal and cosmetic uses and may be helpful if you are suffering from acne, eczema, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. It contains properties that are both calming and moisturizing for the skin. It is one of the healthiest oils to add to your diet as well as to your skin care regiment.  The main component of sunflower oil is linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid that is quite important for the skin and cell membranes). It also helps to fight acne, and keeps the skin soft and supple. Its other components include oleic acid (natural fatty acid, Omega 6 that is an emollient, which means moisturizer) and palmitic acid (another moisturizing agent/natural fatty acid). In addition to these, it contains lecithin (natural preservative, and moisturizer), carotenoids (protect against sun damage), and appreciable quantities of vitamins A, D and E.

Grape seed Oil- This oil has a fantastic absorption rate when applied to the skin. Grape seed Oil has so many benefits to the skin and body. Because of the properties in it, it can help reduce pain from arthritis, prevent cancer, assist in building the immune system, could help to heal acne and dermatitis. It has very high levels of Vitamin E, so it is a powerful antioxidant.  It also helps to tone and tighten the skin.  Grape seed contain potent antioxidants that help to decrease the sun’s damaging effects and lessen free radical damage.  Grape seed Oil is used in many skin care products for these reasons and many more.

Coconut Oil- This oil is not just a popular oil in the kitchen, but also an all around good-for-your-body oil. It can be used to make your own deodorant, toothpaste, hair frizz tamer, moisturizer, and sun tan lotions. It can even be used on pets to heal their skin issues.  Coconut Oil has a low melting point of around 75 degrees, so it melts almost immediately when you touch it. Along with grape seed and sunflower oil, it contains powerful antioxidants that act as protectants from the suns UVB and UVA rays. Coconut Oil also contains fatty acids that are considered to be responsible for its antimicrobial properties. It is high in Vitamin E, so it is extremely moisturizing. Coconuts and coconut oil contain many proteins that are beneficial for the body. These proteins aid in tissue repair and is a great product to use when you want to heal your scars. All of this and it makes you smell amazing!