Lotion Bars


Dandelion Flowers solar infusing in Organic Sunflower Oil Summer 2016


The dandelion flowers that I infused this past summer have been turned into some incredibly skin nourishing lotion bars. Lotion bars are a solid form of lotion which makes it easy to moisturize focus points; elbows, knees, cuticles.   They begin to melt on contact with your skin. These bars are so wonderful, perfect for giving as a simple handmade gift, for any occasion.

I have made them in 3 scents; lavender, citrus, and unscented.

The unscented bars are made with  red clover and dandelion flower infused oil.  Red clover is known to help calm psoriasis and eczema. Dandelion flowers have anti-inflammatory properties, These lotion bars are a practical and loved way to heal your skin!

They aren’t in the SHOP so message me on FaceBook if you would like some!